Project Delivery & Aftercare

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A workplace where ideas are shared, relationships are built and goals are brought to fruition.

We design and build exceptional workplaces. It is more than just a laboratory refurbishment. It’s a workplace where ideas are shared, relationships are built and goals are brought to fruition. Every project is unique, our process is designed to eliminate risks, promote communication and provide client comfort that allows for smooth project delivery. Taking the lead are our qualified, dedicated project managers who oversee every stage of the delivery. They devise comprehensive procurement schedules, programme of works and phased plan approaches that govern and allow maximum control for every aspect of work through to the final implementation of your project. We facilitate for your workplace, employees and organisational needs. Through the use of phased planning we can fast-track refurbishment time, reducing unnecessary costs, minimising interrupted workflows and disruption to daily operations to ensure you have peace of mind. Our team facilitate out of working hours, to provide further flexibility to that process. Our commitment is to deliver on time, within budget and to a referenceable standard.


As your organisation evolves, so will the laboratory and industrial workspaces within them. Considerations to future proof and adaptive solutions are adopted throughout our process and will facilitate for the ever changing advancements in the modern day. Catalyst will respond to the ever changing needs and requirements even after the project hand over.

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We provide warranty information and manuals of appliances and product specifications. All associated As Built drawings containing layout information will be included within Project O&M Manuals. All of our specialist installations will include commissioning reports to describe the products operational efficiency. Our soft landing strategies aim to improve outcomes by ensuring transition is carefully considered throughout the development of the project. These agreements will be carefully monitored and will vary from project to project. Early consideration ensures that the strategy is properly recognised in appointment agreements and all relevant documents and requirements are all budgeted in advance. We will ensure our soft landings initiative are properly driven and kept at the forefront throughout the lifespan of the project.

  • Programme of works and waterfall ghant charts
  • Phased project planning
  • Procurement
  • Risk assessments & CDM
  • Refurbishment Management
  • Commissioning

Our services.

For us at Catalyst, design is creative problem-solving. It’s our passion. We pride ourselves on being at the forefront of creative thinking ensuring that we offer the best advice, guidance and solutions to our clients.

Consultancy & Insights

For us at Catalyst, Customer care is our highest priority. We take pride in delivering your project from start to finish.

Planning & Design

We utilise the latest in Computer Aided Design systems (AutoCAD® and Revit®) to ensure we maintain your requirements, improve efficiency through integrated progressive budgeting and facilitate for quick turnarounds.

Cost & Process Management

Our diverse service offering allows a one stop solution.