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Using our in depth technical knowledge, smart Lean Design approach and vast experience in the laboratory industry, we can work with you to identify opportunities to improve those key considerations that are important for your project.

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For us at Catalyst, design is creative problem-solving. It’s our passion. We pride ourselves on being at the forefront of creative thinking ensuring that we offer the best advice, guidance and solutions to our clients.

Clean, professional and precise.

For the last two decades, our skillset and expertise have grown, we have Designed, Developed and Delivered thousands of projects throughout the country. These experiences have enabled us to expand into a new market.

Once again we have grown, we are Catalyst.

Catalyst are laboratory design and fit-out experts; we have over two decades of experience working on various commercial fit-out and refurbishment projects in a large variety of sectors. In doing this we have learned how to do what others have not. We bring the element
of design to functional spaces. We understand the needs of each laboratory but also the needs of those that use them. We making every space work for not only the task at hand but also for the people using it.

Consultancy & Insights

For us at Catalyst, Customer care is our highest priority. We take pride in delivering your project from start to finish.

Planning & Design

We utilise the latest in Computer Aided Design systems (AutoCAD® and Revit®) to ensure we maintain your requirements, improve efficiency through integrated progressive budgeting and facilitate for quick turnarounds.

Cost & Process Management

Our diverse service offering allows a one stop solution.

Project Delivery & Aftercare

A workplace where ideas are shared, relationships are built and goals are brought to fruition.


Sustainable to the core.

Designing for sustainability is no longer a luxury, it’s a necessity.
Scientific laboratories can produce multitudes of waste, from plastic pipette tips and plastic racking to unnecessary energy consumption and surplus chemical fumes. Energy bills become a major concern; special freezers keep experiments cold; heating and ventilation maintain clean air, and dedicated machines to keep equipment sterile.
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