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This policy is to outline how Office Image Ltd trading as Catalyst LDS trading as Catalyst LDS treats the personal data it collects and hold in a secure environment.


This policy has been developed in line with the General Data Protection regulations (GDPR), made law on the 25th May 2018. This new law replaces the Data Protection Act 1998 (DPA). Office Image Ltd trading as Catalyst LDS recognises that the new GDPR regulations cover the European Economic Area and the UK. This policy will show our commitment to ensuring the data we collect and hold will not be provided or sold to a third party.

The Policy.

The policy has been broken down into 5 sections.

  1. Personal Data Collection
  2. What Data do we collect
  3. What do we do with that information
  4. Our processes for protecting your data.
  5. Your rights

1. Personal Data Collection.

As part of it, working practices Office Image Ltd trading as Catalyst LDS will collect and hold personal information from existing clients and potential clients who have contacted Office Image Ltd trading as Catalyst LDS for design services and office / commercial refurbishments. We have several ways of collecting your data:

  • New Clients* – New prospective clients contacting us by phone call or direct email.
  • General enquires* – These are enquiries into our or All enquires are disseminated to the Corporate Development Director.
  • Existing Client data* – All existing information is held on file in storage units and computerised data on our in house servers.
  • Website Enquiry Forms – Contacting us by this means you will mean you are happy for us to hold your personal information.
  • Website Cookies – Those accessing our website will be advised of the cookie request. We do not collect personal data from the cookies or Google Analytics.
  • Social Media – We market our services and case studies via many social media platforms. We do not collect and store information from social media.
  • Business 2 Business Information – From those businesses who have opt-in to receive our marketing literature.
  • Employee – obtained directly from our employees.

2. What data do we collect

Full Name,

Company Name,

Business address, telephone number,

Business email address

Business Company number and VAT Number

Site address for the refurbishment project

Employee Information – Personal information, National Insurance Number, Bank details (For payroll requirements).

3. What do we do with that information

Client data is used to prepare and send quotations, invoices and other documentation relating to refurbishment projects. It is shared with Corporate Development, Design and project management teams who will act as a liaison with the client for their section of the refurbishment project. When a refurbishment project is underway we will provide the site address to our sub-contractors and suppliers for deliveries.

The client’s key liaison information will be used by the project manager in order to maintain a communication link before, during and after the project.

Office Image Ltd trading as Catalyst LDS will use the client’s business email address and postal address to send clients and relevant information. This information will be stored on our customer relationship management system for marketing use. If the client feels the information they receive is not relevant, they can unsubscribe using the link at the end of the email campaign, or contact us at or and the request will be actioned within 3 business working days. We will remove the marketing marker from the system.

The data held on the customer relation management system will not be provided or sold or provided to any third party.

Office Image Ltd trading as Catalyst LDS trading as Catalyst LDS are proud of the refurbishment projects we complete. As part of our portfolio of projects we will produce a case study of our project for the client and to be placed on our website. We will ask for your permission to take before and after photographs, which we intend to use in the case study literature. We will seek permission to use the case study for prospective clients as a showcase of works completed. The information shared in the case study will include the reason for the project and the work undertaken. We will also ask for a short testimonial from the client, which will be included. We would also include the client on our list of clients section on the website. If the client does not wish for their details to be added to our website and would prefer to be anonymous, we will respect their privacy.

Email marketing – Occasionally we will systematically send email marketing to data that is categorised by job title, business sector and region to ensure all marketing communication is only sent those with a legitimate interest in the topic.

Direct mail marketing – Office Image Ltd trading as Catalyst LDS would prefer to send any information electronically. The only time we may use your data for postal items is to send seasonal greetings, such as a Christmas card or a gift.

Website cookies – Our website has cookies enabled to facilitate the users’ online experience and to help us identify how the website performs using Google Analytics.

Cookies are small files that automatically download to your device with your permission (a pop up appears when you enter the site for the asking for your permission to use cookies). Cookies are used to make your search experience easier by remembering sites that you have already visited as a legitimate interest.

While Cookies are a helpful user interface, they also allow website controllers to analyse traffic to their website. For example, Office Image Ltd trading as Catalyst LDS uses Google Analytics, which collects Cookie data, to generate a report of which pages are most popular, how long a user visits each page and how the page is found. The report is intended to provide feedback on how the site performs.

The data collected by Google Analytics is used for statistical analysis only. At no point do Office Image Ltd trading as Catalyst LDS have access to the personal data or the IP addresses used by Google Analytics for this information.

Office Image Ltd trading as Catalyst LDS will ensure that it follows the regulations of Cookie recording should any legislation change.

4. Our Process for protecting your data.

All personal data held by Office Image Ltd trading as Catalyst LDS is stored securely and can only be accessed by Office Image Ltd trading as Catalyst LDS employees. We enforce data security with a number of methods:

  • Computer systems with password protection
  • Employee Logins to ensure accountability
  • Online systems with password protection
  • Computer system Backups
  • Offices are locked and data storage (cupboards) are locked.
  • Regular auditing of marketing and Customer Relations Management databases,

5. Your rights

If you believe that Office Image Ltd trading as Catalyst LDS is holding your personal data. You can either request for that information to be removed from our files or access the information that we hold for you.

Please contact us immediately:

Catalyst LDS
James William House
9 Museum Place,
CF10 3BD

Or Email us at

If you do receive a marketing email from Office Image Ltd trading as Catalyst LDS and you deem it is not a legitimate interest to your business you can OPT OUT of the marketing interest by emailing