About us.

Over the last twenty years of working. in the commercial refurbishment industry we have understood what others haven’t: laboratory design is a speciality.

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So, who are we?

A Specialist Lab Design Company

Our team has grown, we have a team dedicated to creating the best laboratories in the country. We offer specialist laboratory design services, we take a modern approach to workplace design. We focus on how the space is used, ensuring our clients receive a workspace that works for them.

Our bespoke design and build approach is tailored to meet the needs of each individual client, with special consideration given to how they operate, their brand ethos and creating outstanding laboratory environments with minimal interrupted workflow.

Our sectors.

We work nationwide across 25 diverse sectors that include:



Life Science



Food & Beverage



ESD & Cleanroom


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We are here to challenge the way things have always been done. We develop cutting edge laboratories and working environments that are sustainable for the planet but also save our clients money.
No two clients are the same, each project is different. We work alongside our clients to understand their needs to help them understand their workplace better. Our laboratories are not just designed to look fantastic, they are designed to help those who work in them. Nothing is left to chance, from the floor to the ceiling we consider every aspect and how it can benefit our clients for years to come.

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Our ethos.

What we abide by to achieve great results:








Cost Effective


The team.

Alistair Holland | CEO

Neil Humphries | Managing Director

Paul Collett | Client Director

Fin Devine | Client Director

David James | Head of Lab Design

Shane Kugler | Client Director

Stephen Parker | Site Manager

Ben Price | Senior Marketing Executive

John Frampton | Estimator